Simplifying Skin Care

Have you been rubbing product after product on your face and not seeing results? Has popular media convinced you that only way to have good healthy skin is by following something super complicated like the 10-step Korean skincare routine? If that's the case, we're here to tell you that skincare doesn't need to be complicated to work.


We've broken skincare down into 4 key steps: cleanse, treat, moisturise and protect and we've organised our store according to these steps to make it easier for you to shop. We've also hired cosmetic chemistry talent from Europe to make sure that our products are well formulated, non-toxic, and highly effective, so you can reap maximum benefits using a minimal number of products. 


We also believe that to have good skin, you need to have information and we've made it our priority to create blogs and product pages that are packed with all the information you need to get good skin. And if you're still unsure, we have a dedicated team of consultants will be more than happy to help you build a skin care routine from scratch - free of charge. ​


Our Formulating Standards

Our product's are gentle and respect the integrity of your skin's barrier

Substandard products damage your skin and impair its ability to keep water and nutrients in and harmful chemicals and bacteria out. Skin becomes unhealthy and sensitised and ages prematurely.

We don't take shortcuts and formulate with integrity

Our formulations are free from fillers, formaldehyde, drying alcohol and several other skin damaging ingredients. We believe in bringing you only the best, and the results speak for themselves.

We only create products your skin really needs

Skincare isn't fast fashion but most brands have begun to treat it as such. They launch product after product only to be able to sell you more than you really need. We want to be more responsible because we care about both, your skin, and the environment. 


Founder's Note

I had cystic acne for 7 years. I visited several doctors and tried many oral medicines and topical treatments. I even tried isotretinoin but quickly left it because of its horrible side effects: severe muscle pain, fatigue, and depression.

A chance encounter helped me realise the impact that everyday skincare could have on my skin and I began my own research around what causes acne and how to treat it. We're usually told that acne requires aggressive treatment and most acne products are formulated with this philosophy in mind. This does more harm than good however, and I cleared my skin up using gentle products in a minimal routine with only 4 key steps: cleanser, treatment, moisturiser and protection. I've attached my own before and after images below.


Aware that Pakistan lacked reliable skincare at affordable prices, especially for people with problematic skin like mine, I launched AccuFix Cosmetics hoping to help others like myself. Here at AccuFix we're committed to creating effective skincare products for problematic skin types. I ensure that no formula that we make hits the market without being tested on my own skin first so we can truly build a brand that we can vouch for with confidence and that you can trust.

Yasmeen Naseer

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